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The more you listen, the faster you get results !

Listen to this sub for at least 5 times to get results in less than a month.

✨ attract cute/hot guys
– attract cute guys
– attract hot guys
– all cute/hot guy thinks you’re attractive, cute, funny
– be irresistible to cute and hot guys
– be able to flirt well
– be able to seduce well
– all cute and hot guys you desire start to love you
– all cute and hot guys you desire stare at you a lot
– all cute and hot guys you desire talks to you a lot
– attract whoever you desire
– all cute and hot guys find you attractive
– guys compete for your attention
– attract anyone you want
– all cute and hot guys want to hang out with you
– all cute and hot boys want to date you
– all guys respect you
– all guys protect you from any harm
– all guys would sacrifice just for you
✨ be popular
– be extremely popular
– have a cute laugh
– be extremely funny
– everyone wants to be your friend
– be surrounded by popular people
– have a confident personality

All my subliminals~
– Are unisex unless stated
– Are downloadable
– Contains only positive affirmations
– Have no hidden affirmations
– Does not include frequencies or binaural beats
– Could be listened to without headphones

❣️ ❣️F A Q ❣️ ❣️

Can I multitask?
-Yes, but the activity must require not much focus.

Can I listen to this overnight?

Do I need to take breaks?
-If you start to have headaches, then yes. Otherwise, there is no need to.

Are results permanent?

🖤 T I P S 🖤
» Be consistent
» Headphones are recommended
» Listen to 20-50% volume
» Listen to a booster for faster results
» Listen to at least one hour
» Results tend to take at least 21 days without booster
» Drink lots of water before, during and after listening to subliminals
» STOP listening and rest when you get a headache (water is important)
» Don’t listen to subliminals while driving

🌈 R E Q U E S T S 🌈
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