1. Ummmm can you do one favor…? Can you subscribe to me please I just started YouTube and I have no videos and subscribers…..you don't have too if u don't want to…☹️

  2. So I watched traitor, all of dangerous school, thought u hated me,love hate love, fake a smile and all of the vids, I also subbed and hit de bell UwU😀😀💎💎❤💙

  3. Me looking for the comment abt the scene from “How Long Do I Have To Fake A/My Smile” or something and doesn’t see it so comments abt it and then scrolls deeper and sees someone said the same thing

  4. Loved this so much! When I saw the two girls bullying the little boy, I just wanted to yeet them outta the world
    👇 like if u agree 😂

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